Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Crafting

some of my finds while searching for Christmas inspiration
adorable height chart from burlap ribbon...would be cute as a christmas countdown
Carlene from Organized Clutter has some good project ideas: Christmas tree made from book pages...she also has Christmas tree from yard sticks..
I am just loving all the natural colors, like this burlap ribbon ideas this season
these adorable snowman are made from baby food jars. top jars filled with mini marshmallows, middle with hot cocoa and bottom with mints for topping..they are super cute. I'm unable to find the source for these..I found them on pinterest
Happy Holiday Crafting

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Harvest Gathering

 Cider Bar...homemade cider, cider donuts

 Carmel and whipped cream to top hot cider
 pie bar, apple, pumpkin, cherry, key lime, pecan, chocolate pudding
 my hubby requested a black walnut cake like his gramma made

peanut butter pie is in the cast iron's always a big hit