~GeT TO KNow Me~

Just enough to make sense of posts in the blog and not too much you run and hide from knowing my life story..The hubby and I have homeschooled our three sons since 2002.
We are a do-it-yourself kind of bunch. We bought a 'kit' car and built it, just the five of us in our garage (which we built the year before) No one then or since has touched the car other than the five of us.
We purchased a piece of land in 2004 and have cleared an area and started to build our home doing all of the work ourselves. Our two oldest sons are grown and left home, each with a child of there own. We are left with just the 'baby' at home with us. We are still working on building our home. So a lot of my post will be design inspirations and our progress.
I've never been a girly girl, nor have I ever been in love with pink. I have always been crafty and tend to do things myself, without help (sometimes even when it could have been a big help). These days however I've become more feminine, almost girly (although I've still never had a manicure), I desire to have pretty things.
I guess you could call me a Jill of all trades (or crafts) I love to do all things crafty, I love to cook, I love to decorate and I love to junk shop. So these are the things you will see me talk about, a wide variety, so come join the fun