Friday, December 2, 2011

Sausage from the Farm

Twice a year we get fresh sausage from a friend. It is made a day or two before I get it from pigs they raise and process themselves. It has the most wonderful flavor, they have really figured out the added spices, plus they use the whole pig in the sausage, the ham and all the good parts.
When i get it it's in five pound bags, I then break it down into 1 to 1 1/2lb bags and use my food savor to seal them and into my freezer they go. 
 These last us about six months and we are anxious for the next batch.

tons of good sausage, of course we leave one bag out for breakfast!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Super cute idea from Counting Your Blessings she used a petticoat for a shade
she also created this Paper Garland you can order one from her here..Paper Garland

Creating with Gusto

Since my previous B-Day posts I have had a creative itch, so I have been doing some handmade goodies. 
I enjoyed these signs so much I started coming up with new ideas. This one is Beach Party

This one is a birthday banner I call strawberry lemonade
For a friends shower I create this It's A Boy Banner to coordinate with her party colors

I have also been seeing so many tutu's online lately, I love the way they look and my grandbaby would be so cute in one, (this is not her in the photo, this is my model Baylee) I wanted to make one, but not like any others I have seen, so I come up with my own idea, I made one with tattered fabric. I love the way it looks so much I added it to my handmade etsy shop. you can visit it here spiral sage

 So after making the tutu's my mind just would not stop, I created a tattered wand, and tattered hair bows to match the tutu.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

21st Birthday Party

My son and husband share a birthday. Usually we are on vacation and not at home to celebrate, this year we stayed home, so I wanted to do a nice party for them both this year.
Sort of a guy theme, neither of them are into team sports. They enjoy the water, cars, 4wheelin, ya know dirty guy stuff. My theme started off very manly with colors of bold blue and army green, somehow it softened and ended up with a theme of turquoise and red, still a guy them, blue representing water and red? the sky maybe? I dunno, but it was such a great color scheme I had to go with it.

 My collection of turquoise came in handy. I started off with a dessert bar, but decided to go with a candy bar instead. It was a big hit, especially with the g-baby that is now old enough to walk. Needless to say, I believe he went home with a sugar high.
 The cupcake cups I found were blue and green, matching the theme perfectly, so I just went with them. The candy was all red, blue with a touch of green
This sign I printed for the jar I found at Eat Drink Chic 
I added it to a circle of scrap paper that coordinated with the birthday banner
 The labels for the drinks were also from Eat Drink Chic
i added them to the same scrapbook paper as I used for the birthday banner
 Mason Jars for drink cups, I traced the top onto scrapbook paper, cut it out and used it in place of the lid, poked a hole for the straw and you have more coordinating
 While looking for items to go with my first more manly theme, I ran across these plates and somehow these colors became my theme.

 My favorite is the Birthday banner, I love how it turned out, I will have these for sale in my store soon. Or message me for customized banners.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sign Board Tutorials and Links

I just love signage, the aged vintage feel
I've got to do one, I have many great ideas, now to just get the motivation

Here's a Family Rules Sign Tutorial From

This simple but oh so cute sign tutorial is from Restoration House

 This one from Miss Mustard Seed shows how to do signs with a little more detail
This one is a great upcycle, she used a child's picnic table top

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From The Floor Up

we've decided to go with concrete floor for the house, it's long lasting and cost effective
but in my hunt for ideas I've come across some many interesting ideas
this one is very whimsy, and i love the cordwood wall, we will be doing that between the bath and laundry room
 I would love a brick floor, but the old brick is very pricey these days, even in a town that has torn down half a dozen brick mills
love the spiral done in smaller tile
 pebbles as floor design, I like this one too, so many great ideas

Flea Market Finds

 we have a very early morning mid-week flea market in a town about an hour away, we try to go at least once a week
This is my recent find there, the star door knocker will be used on my front door and the other stars that go with it will be used in our home as well, not sure what I will do with them yet. Any ideas? shout em out.
these spoons, well ya'll have seen the garden stakes? I want to try em. the set of dishes was just lovely with pink roses, I was thinking good for a mosaic project. and the little pink glass candy dish I could just not pass up
of course we also bought boiled peanuts, cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches, potatoes, and plums. I just love small town flea markets where the produce is grown in peoples back yards, heck in the south we put em right out in the front yard too. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Yard Sale Goodies

I had a late start Saturday and made it to three yard sales, one being at a friends house, which is always nice
The first one was what appeared to be leftovers from an antique store or similar. I picked up these cute pictures and the glassware to follow. 
The books in the back of the photo are both on dutch oven cooking, I have the oven and do use it, just not over an open fire, so this is on my to do list.

 I scored a paper sack full of vintage patterns and this cute cowgirl boot material along with a horse belt buckle.
 look more blue glass, it just seems to find me now, I love this little camp set. I called it enamel and confused the man when I tried to purchase it. Even the pretty sheet used as a back drop was a good find
This gorgeous breadbox was a great find of the day, the cute little embroidered sign has a pocket for special notes and the letter holder would be great for a chicken (rooster) lover

Baseball Flower Tutorial

 Ok, this is my first tutorial of sorts, I am a visual person for the most part, but this just seemed to explain itself, so I hope there is enough detail. You start with a baseball/softball, these are all softballs. Use a seam ripper to cut all the stitching and you will have pieces shown in the above picture.
 Next, stack three pieces together to get a flower shape, you could use more, baseballs might require it to fill in space. Then using a leather needle tool I added a decorative button and on this one a broken earring.
The second one I used a vintage shoe clip, your imagination is the limit, use anything to make a pretty center, these would be cute on a wall, added to a bulletin board or picture frame

linking up to The Brambleberry Cottage
Tip Junkie handmade projects

Friday, June 17, 2011


 I just love rodeo's, all the action, the animals, the people, the Kettle Corn

 The opening ceremonies were just beautiful, giving thanks to all our armed services, and our great country
There were some nice rides, luckily noone was badly hurt tonight. The last rodeo in this area took the life of a 12 year old girl when her horse landed on her, this rodeo was dedicated to her memory.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tiered CupCake Stand

 lately I have seen a bunch of these cupcake stands, and love the re-purpose of old plates. In pictures they are pretty self explainatory, but some of us are more visual then others so I looked up a few tutorials
I found there were many different ideas out there, the above are just a few I found

This is my finished piece, you could do just one tier or add a smaller one on the top, the look changes with different plates and candle holders used, or you could use flower vases

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Junkin

Ok, so my first day to myself after getting back from our trip, so what am I gonna do??
Go Junkin of course, Friday yardsales are not hot around here, but i'm gonna check at least one out
 I went to this yard sale and got a nice little collection of stuff, paid for it and put it in the truck when the lady mentioned she was also selling the tables, I had not even looked at those, but this one was oh so cute so I said I would take it.
 the details are just great, and it folds up, too cute
 this apron was is sweet in the blue
 see the metal train toy and lady bug in the corner?
 trivets, utensils, scale
 this little guy is going to be added to my bird trio set on etsy
 cute metal ladybug, pull it back and it rolls
 couple of nice trivets and this glass bowl has a sweet silver flower in the middle
 never seen this style trivet, silver trinket box
 collection of utensils, egg slicer, biscuit cutter, cheese graters, Ice prong
I had to adjust the scales, so they are spot on now, cute too
loved the look of this silver tray, would be nice on a dresser holding jewelry