Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Bathroom Inspiration

The more I search others Bathroom Ideas the more I want to add a little of everything to my own

 love the rustic-ness of this one, I love enamel pots  and have a couple large ones that would work for this look,  the use of the handpump is great, of course it just uses these knobs to turn it on, but the look is still there
This tub is just eye candy, love the soothing colors of this bathroom
the use of the wood accents and that soothing paint color work so well together, I also like the idea of tile around the door frame
oh, to find a cabinet like this one, it is sooo charming, rustic but still chic
then this one with the light airy colors, just seems the opposite end of my taste from the rustic wooden baths
this one is way off the spectrum, it's too contemporary for me, but the idea of the tile pouring out of the tub and puddling on the floor, I just love it

another white airy bath, love this tub

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