Saturday, April 9, 2011

Concrete Inspiration

so now that the concrete floor is poured, it needs some attitude..I have in my mind what I want, but I'm visual so still need to see it first..I just love the internet..after pouring over pages of stained concrete floors I come up with these few as my favorites..I'd love your opinions...Thanks

This one is my absolute favorite, it's not glossy, I just don't like the look of the real glossy, looks unstable, like i would run through in socks and end up looking at the ceiling..I don't know just doesn't grab me...but this one, with its different shades, hints of brown, I just love it

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  1. I love the last pic too! Great color!
    Thanks so much for posting about the Junk Wild giveaway! Good luck!!
    Tammy :-)
    Junk Wild