Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Junkin

Ok, so my first day to myself after getting back from our trip, so what am I gonna do??
Go Junkin of course, Friday yardsales are not hot around here, but i'm gonna check at least one out
 I went to this yard sale and got a nice little collection of stuff, paid for it and put it in the truck when the lady mentioned she was also selling the tables, I had not even looked at those, but this one was oh so cute so I said I would take it.
 the details are just great, and it folds up, too cute
 this apron was is sweet in the blue
 see the metal train toy and lady bug in the corner?
 trivets, utensils, scale
 this little guy is going to be added to my bird trio set on etsy
 cute metal ladybug, pull it back and it rolls
 couple of nice trivets and this glass bowl has a sweet silver flower in the middle
 never seen this style trivet, silver trinket box
 collection of utensils, egg slicer, biscuit cutter, cheese graters, Ice prong
I had to adjust the scales, so they are spot on now, cute too
loved the look of this silver tray, would be nice on a dresser holding jewelry

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