Thursday, September 6, 2012

Junkin Find

I was thrilled to find this old scrapbook on our flea market trip today, since it was the only thing I bought I was glad it was such a find
pages of wedding wishes, gift cards, these are so quaint, the handwriting is all so neat, I wish they had pictures of the wedding, but there were none, just the cards
They took there honeymoon in Niagra Falls. A couple pages with post cards, matchbooks, receipts, business cards. A Hotel receipt showed they paid $4.00 for the hotel room. There was a flyer from Heart Island, I thought it was a neat find since we used to visit this every year when I was a child. I took my children to see it years ago, it's a beautiful castle a man built for his wife.

Baby Congradulations cards..It's a Girl..These are so sweet, nothing as cute as vintage babies...I wonder if they only had the one daughter
Birthday cards..not sure if these were for the women who created the scrapbook or the baby girl she had. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into this womans life, of course it makes me curious who she was, what she looked like..
I look forward to using these wonderful finds, I might use some in my journals

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