Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party

 This is our first fully decorated party at Camp Shiloh. We've been working on Camp Shiloh for the past four years and are so excited to be able to have a celcelebration inside with heat!
 I created some oreo cookie pops
 I went with classic colors of black and orange. The milk bottles are wrapped with orange ribbon, topped with black tulle and orange bakers twine. I added black or orange paper straws to match
 The oreo pops really took some finessing. I topped them with sprinkles, then wrapped them individually so they would not stick together
 I liked these little spiders I added to the straws..but I know I will be finding these little guys in strange places for months
 I added a carmel dip to the pumpkin in the back, my mom came to help me set up the party and put the apple slices on pop sticks for easy handling
 chocolate dipped pretzels and marshmallows stand up in a bed of candy corn
 I found the printables on Pinterest
 Matching utensils and treat bags

the Trick or Treat banner was made by me
we really had a good time, just hanging out and enjoying friends

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