Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday's Finds

The hubby was home early today and suggested we do something fun together, well of course I said yard sales, being a Friday there wasn't much going on, but we did locate a few.
Most of these goodies came from the same sale, a man that used to run an antique store and did some flea market booths. I enjoy getting out with the hubby for some sales, he's a talker and finds out things about people I never would.
Great finds of the day include these adorable chic frames, a lot of vintage buttons and wooden thread bobbins, a wind-up clock, too cute outlet cover for the house, shoe clips and this large wood shelf, the man said his wife bought it because it was unusual and she never used it, I will surely us it, very shabby. Hubby just had to have the washtub, which he says he will use on his fishing trips, that is if I don't find a use for it before then.
Of course with the hubby along we bought some tools and some fishing poles with reels, not sure his plan for these yet.

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