Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flea Market Finds

 we have a very early morning mid-week flea market in a town about an hour away, we try to go at least once a week
This is my recent find there, the star door knocker will be used on my front door and the other stars that go with it will be used in our home as well, not sure what I will do with them yet. Any ideas? shout em out.
these spoons, well ya'll have seen the garden stakes? I want to try em. the set of dishes was just lovely with pink roses, I was thinking good for a mosaic project. and the little pink glass candy dish I could just not pass up
of course we also bought boiled peanuts, cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches, potatoes, and plums. I just love small town flea markets where the produce is grown in peoples back yards, heck in the south we put em right out in the front yard too. :)

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  1. Thanks :) I know, it just happened that this idea came from nowhere when I saw some cones lying here and there useless.
    and Welcome to craftionary. :)Hope you keep coming and liking my projects... I love to hear from people with similar interests..
    and vintage old things and thrift finds are always nice to see..
    Take care