Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jack Daniels to Ocoee Marina

 Early Sunday Morning in Lynchburg, TN
breakfast at Iron Kettle

 The Lynchburg Square
 A few neat finds in the townsquare stores
I love enamelware but don't think I could drill holes in it to make this
 this was right up my sons alley, too funny
 pink, cowgirl style
 I think I need this sign
 this tin ceiling is to die for
 Jack Daniels Distillery

 Slats for making coke

 Their own firetrucks, these are retired
 The cave that the springs come from, the making of good whisky

 Affectionately called Jack on the Rocks
 First distillery office
 The safe that ultimately killed Jack, he kicked it, gangrene and died of it
 Jacks motto, that they still work by today
 Love the barrels and the jars, we were unable to buy a barrel, guess I could have carried it on my lap, NOT
 Where the magic happens
 sure tell sign of moonshine making
 the grounds were very well kept
 you can buy Jack by the barrel, about $12,000.

country music jam, signed by many country stars including Miranda Lambert
So, after taking a tour of both the Jack and Dickel distilleries, I've decided I like the smaller more laid back location of the Dickel. The tour was great, small group, funny guide, I just felt more welcome there. 
Funny thought, neither Richard or I drink, but we took two whiskey tours in two days
this is how they roll in Middle TN from behind it says Dead End
 the road behind
 the road ahead
 this is our idea of a road trip, no highways for us
 look at all we would miss on a highway

 great countryside
 Ocoee Dam

 we stayed at Ocoee INN
the view from the parking lot

pretty flowers planted in front of the INN

stopped to dip our toes, but only quickly we are in a no parking zone

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