Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bib & Buckle

 This is where the Bib & Buckle is being held
Marcy Jo's  truck with Rory's car
 Love the tag
 The stage was their front porch and we all sat under the big oaks in their front yard, there was shade but no breeze, it was soo hot
 side of the house, the main entrance, it looks like
gate to the side porch, love the screen door
 a country girls porch would not be complete without BooTS
 Great place for a rest, well not now, but when we all leave, with a view of the field
 cookout anyone
 the potty house
 nice deck off the back, overlooking the field
 The back corner, love the double porch, all those doors made us wonder if this was an Inn at one time

 Heidi Feek their daughter was the first to play
 performing one of my favorite songs

another favorite
 Their first tour bus

 cute scalloped edge on the cupboards
 love this freestanding bench seat, i'm sure it's nailed down, although we did not check
 the new tour bus
 love this sign
 the wall was leather inlayed with, well what else, leather, very nice work
 where Joey sits to get pretty
 the bunks with cowboy curtains
The stage after the show, it turned out to be a beautiful night, a night concert would have been great

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