Friday, June 3, 2011

Trip to Middle TN

We were finally able to take a short trip for a much deserved break for both of us. Our destination is Bib and Buckle in Middle TN to see Rory & Joey put on a concert on their own front porch. 
The ride was hot, even with the top down so our first stop was beside the creek, for a quick dip of our toes
We are not highway people, we take the slower back roads, which allows us to see:
Great Views
 awesome roads
taming the 

 a favorite stop, this small waterfall can be seen from the highway
 after a close call with a Harley. The Hubby was more then happy to slow down to 60MPH and let this dozen Porche go by

quaint little towns
It was a long ride out there (about 8 hours) so we didn't do much stopping on the way out, plus driving the Ole Jule (also known as Julie) we don't really have extra room for shopping

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