Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Stop at the George Dickle Distillery

 Middle TN trip continued, we stopped for lunch at this restaurant, it was a steak and pizza joint.
the decor was funky, looks like a lot of work went into it, it was creative and unusual
we both had marinated chicken sandwiches that were great
 loved these lanterns outside
 inside the George Dickel  museum
 The Distillery
 Whiskey anyone?
 this was built from a kit and was driven all the way from California to the plant
 the museum outside view
They were having a wedding reception later that day and were setting up, so during the tour, as people were giving me funny looks, I snapped some shots of the wedding decor
 it was all very rustic, fitting in with the surroundings
 candles for romance

 here they had added fresh flowers, so I had to go back for more shots

these arrangements were huge, with twigs and fresh flowers, I snapped these as the wedding planner eyed me suspiciously 
It really was a great setting for a small, rustic wedding, I would have liked to see the final touches, but we had a long way to go..and  short time to get there...I think I hear a song coming on

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