Tuesday, July 12, 2011

21st Birthday Party

My son and husband share a birthday. Usually we are on vacation and not at home to celebrate, this year we stayed home, so I wanted to do a nice party for them both this year.
Sort of a guy theme, neither of them are into team sports. They enjoy the water, cars, 4wheelin, ya know dirty guy stuff. My theme started off very manly with colors of bold blue and army green, somehow it softened and ended up with a theme of turquoise and red, still a guy them, blue representing water and red? the sky maybe? I dunno, but it was such a great color scheme I had to go with it.

 My collection of turquoise came in handy. I started off with a dessert bar, but decided to go with a candy bar instead. It was a big hit, especially with the g-baby that is now old enough to walk. Needless to say, I believe he went home with a sugar high.
 The cupcake cups I found were blue and green, matching the theme perfectly, so I just went with them. The candy was all red, blue with a touch of green
This sign I printed for the jar I found at Eat Drink Chic 
I added it to a circle of scrap paper that coordinated with the birthday banner
 The labels for the drinks were also from Eat Drink Chic
i added them to the same scrapbook paper as I used for the birthday banner
 Mason Jars for drink cups, I traced the top onto scrapbook paper, cut it out and used it in place of the lid, poked a hole for the straw and you have more coordinating
 While looking for items to go with my first more manly theme, I ran across these plates and somehow these colors became my theme.

 My favorite is the Birthday banner, I love how it turned out, I will have these for sale in my store soon. Or message me for customized banners.

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  1. "Happy Belated Birthday" to hubby and son! I'm sure they appreciated the foodie fun and your thoughtfulness.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage