Monday, September 10, 2012

Amazing online Self Discovery

Since 'Soul Mapping' came into my life, i've ran across many of similar self discovery online classes..seems like every site i'm on connects to another class, workshop, ecourse
of course I don't have unlimited funds and cannot take all of these classes, but the all sound great
it started with 30 Days of Lists I am really enjoying this one so far..I've blogged about each day so far

~Mara Glatzel offers a journal experience: Body Loving Homework: writing prompts for cultivating self love..find her here
 ~ Vivienne McMaster offers an art inspiration -  you are your own muse
~ MareBare offers a FREE journal class - Fierce Integrity
~ Susannah Conway offers workshops for reconnect to the real you
~ Receiving Project ecourse Free
~ Soul Gypsy Free newsletter and survival guide
~ Mama Scout e-lab for families, activities with children

A few more with artistic flair
~ Art Therapist painting with your muse
Creative Magic Academy offers great resources Free
~ Stephanie Levy - Creative Courage
~ Art Journal Remains of the Day
~ Brave girls Club online classes and camp


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