Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day Eleven

Favorite smells and sounds...

 This one could have been two days itself..day 11
Favorite Smells...
~ Lavender - I use it for everything, in the wash, as a room freshener
~ Lemongrass - great added to lavender
~ coffee - i'm not a heavy coffee drinker, but love the smell
~ Bbq - one of my favorite foods, love a good bbq joint you can smell before you get to
~ my E.O. Box - essential oils, the collection together is wonderful
~polo - i was a teen in the 80's what can i say
~ candle shops
~ lotion shops
~ oranges
~ fruit tree blossoms - i remember the smell of the orange blossoms when I was younger, what a sweet smell
~ Mountain Air - my favorite place to be

Favorite Sounds...
~music - country, classic rock
~grandbabies giggling
~roaring creek, in a valley, with a view of a green mountain
~ banjo - my favorite instrument
~ train
~ muscle cars - I am a car girl, I turn my head when I hear a loud car
~ the wind

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