Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day two

I have a pretty good list of goals for this I get them all done or not is another story
~ work on house - finish walls (we are building our own home, the walls are being made of clay/straw slip, it's been a very time consuming job) Shower (my hubby wants a waterfall in the shower and he plans on doing the shower all in rock) Stain floor (I recently did some stain samples to see what I like, honestly I am procrastinating doing the whole floor, it means moving everything out, cleaning the floor thoroughly, but it does need to get done)
~plan Halloween party (I've been wanting to do one for years, my plan is that the house will be done enough to have one there this year)
~Do more chapters in 'Soul Mapping' a great book I found at a yard sale, gives thoughtful questions that make you look at your past present and where you want to be in the future
~Consistent blogging - as you can see my posts have not been at all..but my goal is to make my blog an inspiration and great resource
~visit hubby's parents - they live about 3 hrs south of us closer to the beach, we've been so busy on the house we've not been down in a few months
~help gramma with auction - my gramma has finally decided to move from FL and be closer to the rest of the family, we are all so thrilled to hear this (she was in FL with just one of her sons) She plans on having an auction to sell all the stuff she will not be bringing with her.

of course I may add to my list as the month goes on, and ignore or put off a thing or two.
so far 30 days of lists has given me something to look forward to everyday. Not just doing my journal but seeing everyone's list as well.

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