Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Three

Today's list is the one I always dread, It's such a hard question to answer, if I say I'm nice and sweet am I being realistic and if I say I'm moody am I being too hard on myself. So what I did was ask my sons and hubby...IMG_9052
I think motherly and crafty are safe so I started with those, my 16 year old son said different, I asked if he meant that in a good way or bad way, he says however you want to take I'm different..I like to think of it as I'm unique
My 20 year old son says I'm worrisome..well I have three boys that have no fear..of course I am worrisome...that's just what mom's do.
My 16 year old comes back and says goofy, ok i take that as a good thing, fun, funny..I like that one
My hubby calls as I'm writing them down and I ask him...he says wonderful...what a suck never has a negative word to say about me
I've heard people call me helpful so I added that one.
The title page is a vintage flash card with tags and an added butterfly stamp. The journal page is from an old accounting book. I created the book before I knew what the journal prompts would be or what I had added this tape that says gorgeous*perfect...I just thought that was funny when I turned to the next not what I think I would be described as...but ads a bit of whimsy

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